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Raw Deal, the Reality Show is presently in the market for sponsors and investors. Are you in the market for the opportunity of a lifetime? Raw Deal is a totally new perspective on reality shows that is doing amazing things for the people of Central Florida. To date, many local businesses and The Base Camp Children's Cancer Foundation (Raw Deal's pet charity) have benefitted from the show's effort.


With Season 2 already underway, Bing's production has procured airtime on Bright House Networks in order to present "Raw Deal" to the television viewing audience in the local central Florida area. Jason would like to invite you to come explore the film world with him and discuss your options for becoming a part of this exciting venture! Raw Deal is a brilliant concept that is just waiting to explode into the next great syndicated sensation! We are looking for investors and sponsors to help make this happen... so let's get together and let's grow together.






 Raw Deal Mobile 1st Car Show 




Jason Bing, the show's creator and Bing's Production have shouldered nearly all of the responsibitly of the show's finances along with the assistance of its dedicated (unpaid but well-fed) crew. The hard work and persistance have paid off in that most of the glitches have been worked out.







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